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Labour Wing


Labour Wing of this Embassy has been established since 1976 to provide welfare oriented services to the Bangladeshi expatriates and to explore the employment opportunities in the UAE.

Manpower of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a reservoir of Manpower. Cont...

Dispute Settlement

All workers should seek help of the law for any kind of dispute settlement with the employer if possible. When someone is unable or could not settle the dispute should contact the Embassy. For domestic workers UAE immigration authority and for company’s worker the UAE Labour court is the appropriate places to settle the disputes.

Documents required for Carrying Dead Body to Bangladesh

  1. Original Passport
  2. Police & Forensic Report (Mandatory for accidental case)
  3. Death Certificate (English + Arabic) with Death Notification
  4. Get a booking in the airline to carry the dead body.
  5. Ticket & Passport copy of the accompany of this dead body
  6. Final Settlement from Company/sponsor with Cash/Cheque by the name of Bangladesh Embassy
  7. Application from company/local guardian to repatriate the dead body to Bangladesh
  8. Application from BMET/Local Chairman to receive dead body in Bangladesh Airport. Or locally burial
  9. Get a letter from the Embassy addressed to the Hospital for the delivery of the dead body.
  10. Get the passport cancelled from this Embassy.

Note: Sponsor is 100% responsible to arrange to carry the dead body up to the permanent address of the deceased.

UAE Labour Law

For any kind of query or complain on UAE labour issues an individual may phone Toll Free Number 800665 or visit


  1. Agreement for Domestic Workers:
  2. Authorized Housemaid Agencies English / Arabic
  3. Work Agreement for Company Worker
  4. Terms & Conditions for Demand Letter
  5. Application for Visa Attestation (Family)
  6. Application Form for requesting VISA in Bangladesh

Documents required for Demand Letter/Visa Attestation


  1. Demand letter attestation:  Dh. 221/-
  2. Employment visa attestation:  Dh. 74/-
  3. Residence visa attestation:  Dh. 15/-
  4. Visit visa attestation:  Dh.14/-
  5. Document attestation per page:  Dh. 14/-
  6. Application Forwarding: Dh. 20/-

Contact for Query

For Information on Recruiting Agencies of Bangladesh Visit the Following Links:


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